confused by Impersonatting system thread?

Hi all,
I met a problem when I do network file opening in my FS filter driver.
When I block the IRP_MJ_XX, I cannot open my network file some times. The
error is: access denied.
Then I got some help from this list said that I shold impersonate my driver
routine thread to get the right to open network file. I read book about that
but confused by the info in book and some emails in the list:
In book:
I need to know a client thread, which has the right to open network file,
and create security context in that thread.
Then I impersonate my driver routine thread to that client thread’s security
context by calling SeImpersonateClientEx(), I need give parameter of the
security context created in the client thread before.

But In this email list:
I saw that all works seem done in one driver routine thread.
which one is crect?

Does anyone know some example about how to create a client thread which has
the right to network file, then I can impersonate my thread to that client
(except the filedisk sample. because it’s client thread is the driver
routine thread.)

Thanks for your help!


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