Booting Time Issue with UWF State ON

We are currently experiencing a critical issue with the booting time in our project environment, and we require urgent assistance to address the matter.
**Issue Description:**Our project involves the use of the UWF (Unified Write Filter) with the state set to ON. Our primary objective is to achieve an OS boot time of less than 20 seconds. Under normal circumstances, when we perform a proper shutdown, the system adheres to this requirement and boots into the OS within the specified timeframe.
However, the challenge arises when we perform a force shutdown or a hard shutdown. In such cases, the boot time exceeds the desired 20 seconds, and we are unable to achieve the performance targets set for our project.
Environment Details:
Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit)
UWF State: ON
Desired Outcome: We seek assistance in ensuring that the system consistently boots into the OS within 20 seconds, even in scenarios involving force shutdowns. It is crucial for our project’s success that the boot time remains within the specified limits under all circumstances.
Steps Taken: We have already implemented the UWF with the state set to ON and observed the desired boot time under normal shutdown conditions. However, we are currently unable to achieve the same efficiency when the system undergoes a force or hard shutdown. we tired with OS level like adding the exclusions in the UWF script and executed it doesn’t work.
Additional Information: Any insights, recommendations, or guidance on configuring the UWF settings or optimizing the system for faster boot times, especially after force shutdowns, would be highly appreciated.

Your goal is probably impossible. There aren’t any guarantees about boot time. And while it is in MSFT’s interest to make them ‘good’, it is much more in their interest to perform a checkdisk if necessary for example

I disagree. The goal isn’t impossible at all, it just requires a known, immutable, system configuration. This is exactly what UWF with HORM provides. The system is going to resume from the immutable disk and immutable hibernation file. I have no idea if 20s is achievable, but within some small margin of error, something close to 20s likely is.

UWF can’t virtualize all disk writes. And even if it did, something like checkdisk can be triggered from hardware indications and cause long delays

the OP probably will get better results with HORM

We have enabled the HORM (Hibernate Once, Resume Many) feature and performed boot time testing. As a result, we have achieved a system boot time of only 25 seconds.
We have optimized the system configuration by enabling high-performance mode and maximizing the number of cores for better performance. We have also disabled unnecessary startup applications.
Currently, we are utilizing the eMMC disk with a storage capacity of 32GB. In light of these improvements, we wanted to inquire whether it would be possible to further reduce the boot-up time to less than 20 seconds in scenarios involving a hard shutdown while the UWF (Unified Write Filter) state is on.