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Yes, I’d probably go for something more flexible (log file,
ETW) than DbgPrint for kernel logging if it’s going outside
of a development environment and into a production/customer
scenario. I’m sure Michal Vodicka has some thoughts on that point :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Sure, Ken :wink:

This is new info for me but it looks as I could make our QA and support
life a bit easier this way. DebugView is great interactive tool for
developers but for automated testing something more autonomous would
help, especially when it is started in early phase of boot. Our trace
library can be configured to log to file in user mode but I never
implemented it for kernel (timing, IRQL > 0…). It seems as a cheap way
how to implement logging to file in kernel and still have crashdump
support. Have to think about it.

As for ETW, I believe there is a general sentiment about it not far from
mine :wink:

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