A site for sharing driver code

This message is to let people know that my company is setting up a site
which will allow driver writers to share code examples. The purpose of
this is to allow the free disemination of information regarding source
code examples in driver land. The code is to be shared for educational
purposes, not for advertisement. I feel a site like this is important.
It would be a great reference to compliment the NTDev lists (this site is
not affiliated with OSR or Microsoft). The site should be up by April
15th at the latest. The site will be http://www.driverguru.com.
Submissions will be sent to xxxxx@driverguru.com. In the mean time, if
you have any code submissions, we will be collecting them. Please send
them to xxxxx@L5sg.com.


Jonathan Borden
Driver Developer (who’s still learning)