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WinDbg hanging

OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217

i am using build 2195 of Win2000 on both systems. WinDbg will not
attach. it just says
"Kernel debugger waiting to connect on com1 @ 19200 baud"

I have tried the following versions of windbg
2156.1 (RC3)
2184.1 (On Win2000 Customer support CD)
2195.1 (On DDK)
2195.10 (Downloaded)

None of them will get past that stage. These systems use to work when
running the betas of Win2000.
i386kd.exe does connect but it doesnt appear to work with source code very

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Machine A:
Intel 333 Pentium II
Com 1
Machine B
Intel Dual Processor Pentium II 400 (Running MPS kernel)
Com 2



  • OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
    I am using the Windbg that came on the customer support disk. At 19200 the
    target machine doesn't stop and wait for the debugger. It just boots up.
    However, if I use a 38400 connect speed, the target machine will stop after
    filling in the character mode progress bar on the black screen. The
    debugger should already be waiting on the com port at 38400. I issue a
    Ctrl-C from the debugger with the caret/focus in Windbg's command window.
    The two machines synchronize and the debugging begins. I am not sure if
    this is how Windbg is supposed to work (it didn't do this for me under NT
    4) or it is a symptom of my less than stable hardware that I am developing
    for. Also, I had very little success until I started launching Windbg with
    the -w I found I had to launch Windbg, setup the
    debugging parameters, save them to a workspace name, and exit.

    Best of luck.

    Robert Saccone
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