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New Windbg

OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
I am using Win 2k free build on the test system and hence the retail build
of symbols
from customer support CD.

I am debugging an NDIS 4.0 driver on Win 2k, keep getting the
following :

Exception code - 0x00000050 (Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area)

_warning: symbols checksum and time stamp is wrong for ntdll.dll
symbol file could not be found for the following: dump_wmilib.sys,

Since there is only one build out so far for Win 2k and Win 2k symbol files,
could symbols checksum and time stamp be wrong ?

How can it find the path for all other symbols and not just the above ?

Any help would be appreciated !



  • OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
    Are you sure you are using the newest WinDBG we released - version
    5.1.2240.1 ? (see previous messages for more info about this).
    The error messages you mention are somewhat different than what comes out
    in the current debugger (unless you reworded them)

    It's normal to get erorrs about checksums and timestamps in certain cases.
    win32k.sys and a number of other drivers are paged by the OS, and when you
    crash we can't page in the image header to get this information. So you
    get warnings about this when loading symbols - it just means the debugger
    can not verify if it's loading the correct symbol file. But the symbols
    should load fine if they are in the symbol path.

  • OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
    Hi all,

    I have written a miniport driver for usb device on Windows 2000.
    How do I use Windbg to debug my driver?
    Please can anyone send me details information regarding on Debugging?

    Thanks in advance,
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