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Driver link errors:linker appears to be looking for symbols with a prefix of "_" and suffix of "@8"

pjn4pjn4 Member Posts: 6

Why can't I find the correct symbols?

Sample Errors:
[email protected]
Hint on symbols that are defined and could potentially match:
mx.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _NdisMSetMiniportAttributes

It seems that the linker wants a prefix of "_" and suffix of "@8" for all of the symbols when
using x86 it doesn't add either when using x64

mx.c ( driver file )
DriverEntry(IN PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject, IN PUNICODE_STRING RegistryPath){...}

cl is hashed (/cygdrive/d/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/BuildTools/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.28.29333/bin/Hostx86/x86/cl)

link is /cygdrive/d/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/BuildTools/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.28.29333/bin/Hostx86/x86/link

Everything is "c" there is no "c++"

Symbols in x86 Library
dumpbin -linkermember "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x86/ndis.lib" | grep NdisMSetMiniportAttributes
1E5D2 [email protected]
1E5D2 [email protected]
13D [email protected]
13D [email protected]
Symbols in x64 Library
dumpbin -linkermember "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x64/ndis.lib" | grep NdisMSetMiniportAttributes
1C51C NdisMSetMiniportAttibutes
1C51C __imp_NdisMSetMiniportAttributes
13D NdisMSetMiniportAttributes
13D __imp_NdisMSetMiniportAttributes

Compile Line
cl /FC /c /Zc:wchar_t- /Zp8 /Gy /W3 /EHs-c- /GR- /GF /GS /Zi /GL /Zi /wd4018 /wd4101 /wd4102 /wd4146 /wo4133 /wo4244 /wo4267 /Oxs -cbstring -I"D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//include/10.0.20313.0/km" -I"D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//include/10.0.20313.0/km/crt" -I"D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//include/10.0.20313.0/shared" -I../../common -I../../mcp/10g/zekit/fapi -I../../driver/common -I../../common -I../../mcp/10g -I. -DMAL_KERNEL -DMX_THREAD_SAFE=1 -DPOOL_NX_OPTIN=1 -I./../zlib -D_WIN32 -D_X86_ -DCONDITION_HANDLING=1 -DNT_INST=0 -DWIN32=100 -D_NT1X_=100 -DWINNT=1 -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0601 -DWINVER=0x0601 -D_WIN32_IE=0x0700 -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN=1 -DDEVL=1 -D__BUILDMACHINE__=WinDDK -DNTDDI_VERSION=0x06020000 -DNDEBUG -DNDIS_MINIPORT_DRIVER -DBUILD_W2K=0 -DNDIS60_MINIPORT=1 -Dinline=_inline -DMYRI_DRIVER=myri_mva -I. -D__func__=FUNCTION -DNDIS_MINIPORT_DRIVER=1 -DNDIS60_MINIPORT=1 /c mx.c /Fomx.obj
Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 19.28.29333 for x86

Linker Line
link /machine:i386 /MERGE:_PAGE=PAGE /MERGE:_TEXT=.text /SECTION:INIT,d /OPT:REF /OPT:ICF /IGNORE:4198,4010,4037,4039,4065,4070,4078,4087,4089,4221,4108,4088,4218,4235 /INCREMENTAL:NO /FULLBUILD /release /debug /debugtype:cv /version:6.0 /osversion:6.0 /debug /ltcg /STACK:0x40000,0x1000 /driver /subsystem:native,6.00 /entry:GsDriverEntry "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x86/hal.lib" "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x86/ntoskrnl.lib" "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x86/BufferOverflowK.lib" "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x86/ntstrsafe.lib" "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x86/libcntpr.lib" "D:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/BuildTools/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.28.29333/lib/x86/libcmt.lib" "D:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/BuildTools/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.28.29333/lib/x86/oldnames.lib" "D:/Program Files/Windows Kits/10//lib/10.0.20313.0/km/x86/ndis.lib" -out:myri_mva.sys mx.obj mx_ntddk.obj mx_common.obj mx_instance.obj mx_lanai_command.obj kraw.obj mcp_wrapper_common.obj mx_lx.obj mx_lz.obj myri_ptp_common.obj myri_raw_ops.obj myri_mva_ops.obj mx_ether_common.obj adler32.obj crc32.obj infblock.obj infcodes.obj inffast.obj inflate.obj inftrees.obj infutil.obj trees.obj uncompr.obj zutil.obj in_cksum.obj myri_mva.RES
Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 14.28.29333.0


  • Doron_HolanDoron_Holan Member - All Emails Posts: 10,598

    You have a mix of calling conventions, @N is appended for stdcall. You need to compile the entire code base and (any other libraries) with a consistent calling convection (cdecl is the default IIRC)

  • Tim_RobertsTim_Roberts Member - All Emails Posts: 13,965

    Did you create the project file yourself? When compiling drivers, you want "stdcall" to be the default ("/Gz"), and I don't see that on the command line.

    Tim Roberts, [email protected]
    Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

  • pjn4pjn4 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the input, most of my project is compiled with /Gd but as you pointed out the ndis libraries required /Gz after making that change I'm all set. Thanks for your help.

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