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Are FastIo compression routines still unused?

0xrepnz0xrepnz Member Posts: 43
edited September 2020 in NTFSD

According to this comment by Neal (from 2003) the fast IO compressed routines (FastIoReadCompressed, FastIoWriteCompressed, MdlReadCompleteCompressed, MdlWriteCompleteCompressed) were not used and file system filters should have provided pass-through logic in case they'll be used in the future. I'm wondering - Is there any file system driver that uses these routines now? Or they were never really used since then? I know that if you write a file system driver you don't need to support these routines (like ntfs, fastfat etc) and modern filters are developed using the filter manager so you don't really have to worried about this "pass-through" logic, But I'm still curious about these routines.

Thanks for your answer:)

- Ori Damari
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