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Context Cleanup not triggering with FltUnregisterFilter / Automatic context cleanup?

AaronKAaronK Member Posts: 19
edited September 2020 in NTFSD

Already found out what was wrong - Don't have an open reference to any instance when you want the filter to unload ... makes sense

Hello everyone!

I'm programming a real-time File Mirror infilter and the automatic cleanup of file contexts is giving me a Headache.
This is my Situation right Now:

  1. I'm using a File context to add the Following data readily available to some files:
    PFLT_INSTANCE MirrorInstance;
    PFILE_OBJECT MirrorFileObject;
    HANDLE MirrorFileHandle;
    USHORT ReferenceCount;

The File_Objects and Handles all are Open and ready to be used.

  1. I'm Using the Context Cleanup to Close Said Handles when I don't need them
void FileMirrorFileContextCleanup( PFILEMIRROR_FILE_CONTEXT Context, FLT_CONTEXT_TYPE ContextType ) {
    ConsolePrint( "Cleaning Context from File" );

    if(Context->MirrorFileObject != NULL) {
        ObfDereferenceObject( Context->MirrorFileObject );
    if(Context->MirrorFileHandle != NULL) {
        FltClose( Context->MirrorFileHandle );
    if(Context->MirrorInstance != NULL) {
        FltObjectDereference( Context->MirrorInstance );

Now - Microsoft Docs state:

"the filter manager deletes contexts automatically [...] when the minifilter driver is unloaded."

But when I unload my Filter the Context Cleanup wont get called.
I guess it's because the Filter still has the Handles inside the Context open and wont go to the next step before they are closed?

For Reference, here is the output of !fltkd.filters xx 8 1
The References are as planned:

  Object usage/reference information: 
      References to FLT_CONTEXT                : 0 
      Allocations of FLT_CALLBACK_DATA         : 0 
      Allocations of FLT_DEFERRED_IO_WORKITEM  : 0 
      Allocations of FLT_GENERIC_WORKITEM      : 0 
      References to FLT_FILE_NAME_INFORMATION  : 0 
      Open files                               : 1 
      References to FLT_OBJECT                 : 0 
   List of objects used/referenced:: 
      FLT_VERIFIER_OBJECT: ffff9a86f7b1e6f0 
         Object: ffff9a86f92af650  Type: FILE_OBJECT  RefCount: 00000001

The FILE_OBJECT is the referenced File from the file context

Does anyone have any Input on this topic? Maybe I'm thinking wrong? Maybe there is a way to force Cleanup the contexts?
For now I'm just planning on building a list with all open contexts so I can delete them Manually - Is there maybe a way how I could get this from the Filter manager?

(Quick side question -
I'm getting frequent timeouts in the "Gathering kernel debugger settings" task for remote debugging.
I'm using Network debugging on a local VM. Anyone got a clue how to counter that? maybe set the timeout a bit higher? seems to be like 2 secs or so.)

Best Regards,

Aaron K

Aaron Kelbsch
Techit GmbH @ Germany

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  • AaronKAaronK Member Posts: 19


    Ok! So I Actually found out my Problem.
    Forget everything I wrote.

    I kept an open reference to the Filter Instance of the FileObject I used.
    This seemed to be what caused the Cleanup to never trigger.

    I changed it before I posted, but...
    the console I used didn't show that it successfully unloaded my driver until I happened to press enter again.

    So, Yay, problem which cost me around 3 days is solved.

    Aaron Kelbsch
    Techit GmbH @ Germany

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