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Has anyone ever written a Windows hardware keyword spotter audio driver?

glewis9999glewis9999 Member Posts: 3

I have taken the sysvad audio driver and tried installing it for a keyword detector pin. I see a call to Get_SoundDetectorPatterns property at startup as well as well to the KeywordOemDetector interface and the EventOemDetector interfaces in KeywordDetector DLL.

However, I don't see these DLL APIs consistently being called. The sample source code uses a PCM data format in GetCapabilities which appears to be opposite to the the MSDN documentation which indicates that IEEE is the format. I have tried both and have never seen a call to BuildArmingPatternData in the KeywordDetector OEM DLL. In the driver, I see a call to ARM with 0 and Reset the detector with 0 but no additional calls. Is there something I am missing in the MSDN documentation? I do see calls for the SystemCapture PIN and KeywordDetector PIN for properties for a proposed data format (which may or may not be relevant) but no additional calls to the DLLs. Any ideas? I have tried the VoiceActivationManager and VoiceActivationManager2 tests (both of which failed).

Any suggestions would be useful or if there is a Microsoft forum to discuss this. Thank you.


  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 8,090

    Is this to support a custom "wake word" AKA a voice activation driver?

    If so, we received an inquiry from a potential IHV client this summer about writing one. Never having done one of these before, I spent some time investigating the process, and discovered it was a really big undertaking. A COM component, and some sort of complex audio driver.

    It would have been interesting... but the MSDN docs at the time didn't seem sufficient, and we don't know anybody (at MSFT or anywhere else) who's done one of these. So... in the end... we had to tell the potential client that we didn't know enough to be able to undertake this project successfully.

    Sorry I can't be even a tiny bit helpful.

    I'll be interested to hear about any advice/assistance you receive.


    Peter Viscarola

  • sagi_zarsagi_zar Member - All Emails Posts: 20

    Are there any news in this field during last months?
    I also need to implement such driver and COM and hoped to see if anyone in this forum have done that and can give directions.

  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 8,090
    edited July 8

    I really, really, really don't know how many times I need to ask people not to necropost.


    Peter Viscarola

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