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Release build symbols on Windows 10?

Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 350

It appears that ever since I upgraded the test VMs to W10 1809 (or later), I cannot get proper local variables in WinDBG for a Release build driver.
I am not talking about variables that are optimized away, or similar, but variables that are shown in Locals often have incorrect values, and Stepping into commands is off... I am sure the correct symbols are used, as there aren't multiple folders (WinDBG would not even load an incorrect symbol?).

Any ideas? This is not the case on earlier versions of Windows that I test on (same driver)


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,352

    It's always been my experience that locals and stepping are unreliable in the release build. I always treat symbolic debug information in the release build as a suggestion as opposed to something to rely on. I also usually take the debugger out of source mode to avoid the stepping weirdness.

    No idea why you would see this from changing your target O/S as it's a function of the build tools. Did you also update Visual Studio?


  • Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 350
    via Email
    No, VS15 is used, not upgraded.
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