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HLK Test failed for Windows Server 2016

Sujay_UpasaniSujay_Upasani Member Posts: 8

Hi All,

We are running HLK test on Windows Server 2016. For all the drivers oplock test is getting failed. Some drivers are not changed and test was passed for those drivers previously. But now test is getting failed for those drivers also.

Thanks in the advance.


  • rod_widdowsonrod_widdowson Member - All Emails Posts: 1,092

    I know little about running the HLKs in batch mode, but it seems strange that it is trying to run oplock tests over MUP.

    What happens if you take your driver off the machine and run the tests (which I do know is a good place to start with these tests)

  • Sujay_UpasaniSujay_Upasani Member Posts: 8

    Below is the Error message:

    Cause : Task "Run oplocks test" is Marked Failed From the LogFile

    Cause : Copying File "C:\hlk\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunB2D8636C-17B9-E911-8139-1C1B0D43B186\FileOplocks-NTFS.wtl.trace" Fails

    Cause : Cannot Find Pattern "C:\hlk\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunB2D8636C-17B9-E911-8139-1C1B0D43B186\FileOplocks-NTFS.wtl.trace"

    Cause : Error returned from EnableShareAccess to the root of "\WIN-MA572NA52QT\HLKLogs\8-7-2019\3C79C092-4C5D-4346-9009-AF0E731D7FBC\F26A7A5E-1CAB-4D02-9073-FC8B8E9C3285\BD737747-24E3-4E6B-885A-9749CC6B9075\"

    Cause : Task is Marked Failed as it had non-zero Fail Counts in the LogFile

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