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System call records

ramchandra24ramchandra24 Member Posts: 11
edited March 14 in NTDEV

How to develop a kernel driver to record the timestamps when each process/thread makes a system call?
Does KMDF provide any callbacks for this?


  • Jeffrey_Tippet_[MSFT]Jeffrey_Tippet_[MSFT] Member - All Emails Posts: 527

    The upcoming version of Windows supports DTrace, which makes this trivially easy; I think your solution would come down to just 1 line of code, if you can use DTrace in your environment. Instructions:

    Otherwise, we don't support hooking all syscalls. There are mechanisms to filter specific types of syscalls, e.g., you can install a filesystem filter, or a registry callback.

  • ramchandra24ramchandra24 Member Posts: 11
    edited March 14

    Thank you, Jeffrey! I'm basically interested in finding out the timestamps when a process is active, and for how long. I thought recording syscalls made by the process is one way to find out. Is there any other way I can achieve this?

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