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Prevent the process terminated

victor_richvictor_rich Member Posts: 4


I register callback for OB_OPERATION_HANDLE_CREATE, in pre-callback function,

I will check the process Id is my process and it is going to terminate, I will disable it as below:

processId = PsGetProcessId((PEPROCESS)OperationInformation->Object);

if ((OperationInformation->Parameters->CreateHandleInformation.OriginalDesiredAccess & PROCESS_TERMINATE) == PROCESS_TERMINATE)
OperationInformation->Parameters->CreateHandleInformation.DesiredAccess &= ~PROCESS_TERMINATE;

If I try to kill the process from the task manager, it was blocked, but if I use the command in dos promt as below, the process still was terminated.

taskkill /pid processId

Anyone knows what else I missed?

Thanks in advance



  • victor_richvictor_rich Member Posts: 4

    Is there anyone knows that if there are a bug or something else?


  • 73_8A73_8A Member Posts: 2

    No, this is not a bug. Because "taskkill" is used "PostMessage"

  • victor_richvictor_rich Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for your reply.

    Do you have idea how to prevent the termiation using "PostMessage"?


  • victor_richvictor_rich Member Posts: 4

    I am using the example "obcallback" from WDK, so it can't prevent the process from being terminated via the command "taskkill /pid processId"?

    Is there walk around to prevent the process from being terminated?


  • Gabriel_BerceaGabriel_Bercea Member - All Emails Posts: 482

    What you have seen could have very well been click on the X on the top right of the icon :)
    This is a "here we go again" post :)

    The short answer to what you are asking is: NO.

    The long answer, I'm fairly sure you'll get from someone here.



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