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HLK "package" tab greyed out

Shane_CorbinShane_Corbin Member Posts: 242

My HLK controller/client setup was becoming out of date. I decided to give the VHLK a try. Here's my setup:

Machine 1:
Host operating system: Win10 1607
Running VHLK Controller using VM: 2016DC-17763-1-rs5-release-180914-VS2017Ent-HLK

Machine 2:
Host operating system: Win10 1809

From HLK Studio, I created a new project, connected to the client, selected my driver, and loaded the HLK Version 1809 CompatPlaylist x86_x64 playlist.
I ran the tests to completion (all passing).

However, I cannot select the Package tab. It's greyed out. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or should be doing instead?


  • Shane_CorbinShane_Corbin Member Posts: 242

    Well... I feel dumb. I restarted the machine, reopened HLK Studio, reloaded the project, and I can now create a package for submission.

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