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Re: value of open-source in the driver community (was "how to execute a process...")

David_J._CraigDavid_J._Craig Member Posts: 1,885

You can order the Windows Server 2003 DDK and/or the Windows XP SP1 DDK.
The cost is zero, but S&H will be added. Yes, Microsoft recently, last year
or two, reduced the price of the IFS Kit to $899 or less depending upon your
country. If you have a valid license for an IFS Kit, then updates are $160.
You can download the latest DDKs from the MSDN subscriber web site.

"Stephen Williams" wrote in message
> David J. Craig |ntdev/1.0-Allow| wrote:
> > The DDK is "free", or at least free in Microsoft speak. You have to pay
> > "shipping and handling", but at $15-25 it is cheaper than the Linux
> > being sold. Sounds like Mandrake doesn't like Windows.
> I browsed the web page, and found that the IFS kit is $899.00.
> The DDK Suite 2 is listed as $199.95.
> I tried to follow the links to find the CD price for just the
> Windows XP SP1 DDK, and got a 404. There are no downloads of
> any DDK more recent then NT4.
> (I get my DDK from the MSDN subscription.)
> That said, I'm pretty sure it's also true that Mandrake doesn't
> like Windows;-)
> --
> Steve Williams "The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
> steve at But I have promises to keep,
> and lines to code before I sleep,
> And lines to code before I sleep."
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