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Re: value of open-source in the driver community (was "how to execute a process...")

David_J._CraigDavid_J._Craig Member Posts: 1,885
The DDK is "free", or at least free in Microsoft speak. You have to pay for
"shipping and handling", but at $15-25 it is cheaper than the Linux books
being sold. Sounds like Mandrake doesn't like Windows.

"Stephen Williams" wrote in message
> Manoj Paul Joseph |ntdev/1.0-Allow| wrote:
> >
> > A couple of weeks ago, I tried to talk to the Mandrake
> > developers ( about including
> > my Windows ext2 driver in their distro.
> >
> > I was told that even though it is GPL, it is not
> > _free_ cause it requires the DDK, which is not _free_,
> > for compiling.
> >
> > I think they are next going to declare that a software
> > is _free_ only if it runs on _free_ hardware!
> > :)))
> >
> Different distribution vendors have different thresholds for
> pain. For example, my SuSE distribution includes acroread,
> which is not even available in source form at all.
> Many distributions, though, require as a prerequisite for
> inclusion that products on their disk can all be rebuilt
> using other products on the disk -- a complete whole -- and
> things that require a (rather expensive) MSDN subscription
> don't exactly fit that description.
> There is a *lot* of competition for Linux distributions, so
> you can pick the vendor who has an attitude you can work with.
> You may find that other vendors could be interested, or at
> least might bundle it seperately. (Some vendors have *extra
> stuff* disks or download areas.)
> SuSE and RedHat may be a little more "business like" and
> may be more receptive. RedHat in particular does do some
> Windows work.
> (*) If there were competing MS Windows distributions, the
> world would be a very different place.
> --
> Steve Williams "The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
> steve at But I have promises to keep,
> and lines to code before I sleep,
> And lines to code before I sleep."


  • OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217

    --- Stephen Williams <>
    > That said, I'm pretty sure it's also true that
    > Mandrake doesn't
    > like Windows;-)

    Absolutely. I got booed for writing a Windows driver.
    How could I touch Windows??

    The problem was not about free software but about
    attitude. ;)

    MSWormOS/Lose98... is how they refer to Windows.
    Well not too different from our 'OpenSore' flame!


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