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Death of NT for PowerPC

Jake_OshinsJake_Oshins Member Posts: 1,058
Since you asked...

At the time, NT was a better AppleTalk server than MacOS, running on the
same hardware. By buying NeXT, Apple acquired a true multi-tasking OS
that was as capable of being an AppleTalk server.

Furthermore, Steve Jobs killed the Mac clone market, which is where most
of the companies interested in NT on PowerPC were trying to make their

Even furthermore, no PowerPC chip has ever had enough of a speed
advantage to make switching from x86 to PowerPC on NT look like a sane

- Jake

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Subject: RE: PCI Config spinlock handle - BIOS abstraction
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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 20:16:55 +0400
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>got put to the test, as Apple bought NeXT right as I finished it and
>everybody working on NT for PowerPC quit bothering.)

Do you mean that the market niche for NT on Apple disappeared at this
moment? And why? Was it because this was the sign that Apple wants to
switch to serious multitasking kernel (purchased from NeXT) instead of
puny multitasking of System %d?

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