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Possible solutions for automatic deployment & testing of drivers on multiple versions of windows?

brad_Hbrad_H Member Posts: 168
edited May 11 in NTDEV

Assume that we have a usermode app and multiple corresponding driver files, and we want to test our drivers against multiple builds of Windows (builds of 10,11).

By test I mean for example running the verifier against all of the drivers, and possibly also do a reboot of the machine to make sure it boots up and doesn't cause a BSOD, etc. So the goal is to find bugs like BSODs, kernel memory/handle leaks, etc.

This kinda sounds similar to HLK, but those tests are pretty much useless for software drivers based on my experience. (only 2 simple test available for most of the software drivers)

So what are the possible solutions as of 2023 for this scenario? Meaning automatic testing of our drivers after every build and checking if the build passes certain tests (like verifier), in multiple VMs that consist of different builds/versions of Windows, to catch bugs such as BSODs, memory leak, etc?

How do you guys handle this and what tests do you use to make sure your newest builds of drivers don't have a bug?

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