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Bypass i/o support query APIs

Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 611

I am trying to query (via API) if both the filter and storage stacks support BypassIo.
However, when only the volume/storage don't support it (no NVMe disk), I get no failure in the API. Neither in the DIOC/FSCTL API return code nor the outputData.Query.Status. I tried using the file handle and the volume handle and also to send IOCTL and not FSCTL on a disk handle.

How do I make the query and get results like fsutil bypassio state does?

Regards, Dejan.


  • Dave_BuchesDave_Buches Member Posts: 6

    Hi Dejan-

    Fsutil uses the documented FSCTL_MANAGE_BYPASS_IO IOCTL to query BypassIO support for a given volume. Can you please post the output from fsutil bypassio state <driveletter> /v from the system in question?

    Thanks in advance,
    Dave Buches
    Windows CoreFS Dev

  • Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 611
    via Email

    This is the output:
    BypassIo on "C:\Users\Dejan\Desktop" is supported.
    Storage Type: SATA
    Storage Driver: Not BypassIo Compatible
    Driver Name: volmgr.sys

    It is this volmgr.sys that I am curious about. Even BPIO enable IOCTL
    succeeds on this system for a file, no errors at all. But obviously it
    would not work.

  • Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 611
    via Email
    Hello, Dave,

    Thanks, that partially explains the output.
    Which API/IOCTL can we use to query the volume stack for BPIO support? I
    have tried using the BPIO query IOCTL (not FSCTL) but it does not fail

    Regards, Dejan.
  • Dave_BuchesDave_Buches Member Posts: 6

    Hi Dejan

    If the volume stack supports BPIO, you should see the FSBPIO_OUTFL_COMPATIBLE_STORAGE_DRIVER bit inFS_BPIO_OUTPUT::OutFlags for FS_BPIO_OP_ENABLE, FS_BPIO_OP_QUERY, andFS_BPIO_OP_GET_INFO operations.

    Dave Buches
    Windows CoreFS Dev

  • Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 611
    via Email
    Many thanks, Dave! That concludes the API baaed check the feature works!
  • ValZapodValZapod Member Posts: 2
    Wow. secnvme.sys which is just driver Samsung provides is also partially compatible, "Volume stack bypass is disabled".

    Had to uninstall it and it works now fully.
  • ValZapodValZapod Member Posts: 2
    Same happens with EhStorClass.sys, whatever that is
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