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Analyze between HTTP.SYS and Winsock V2

incapdnsincapdns Member Posts: 4

Applications can choose to use http.sys. They can choose to implement their own HTTP protocol handlers.

It is strongly recommended that applications use http.sys for security reasons - the HTTP server implemented by http.sys is fairly well hardened and other HTTP servers may introduce security defects.

That said, my question concerns the performance obtained through HTTP.sys (HTTP SERVER API 2.0) versus Winsock V2 in a user-level application.

If I use the HTTP SERVER API together with IOCP will I get better performance than using IOCP or RIO + AcceptEx based on the TCP (Winsock V2) protocol?

I'm a student of Brazilian Software Engineering, I still don't have high knowledge in the area, that said, if I wrote something meaningless, please notify me.

I also apologize if I've written something wrong, I'm using Google Translate

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