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Code Integrity Readiness Test fails for all driver and device

DWDriverDWDriver Member Posts: 15

Dear All,
I'm testing a minifilter with the latest VHLK test server and test client WIN10. All tests succeed except Code Integrity Readiness Test. Everything is identical to __rs description. I have also downloaded and applied the latest filter. VS2019 Code Analysis and Static Driver Verifier do not report errors. The log file Te.wtl says: Error code 0x0 (sound good?) File: base\ci\tests\kits\hvci\hvcihlktest.cpp Line 358 and HvciHlkTest::HvciTest failed. So far as I understand this, is it not a failure in the test driver, but in the HLK. I have not understand __rs solution " I just put a stub exe there". What do you mean here? And if MS checks the submitted Package do they not get the same errors as I got? And btw. I found a note on social.msdn... "Please note that the 'HyperVisor Code Integrity Readiness Test' is not in the official Windows Hardware Compatibility Program Playlist so it is not required for driver submission.", dated 2015 however.

In addition I have tested some other driver like FLTMGR.sys or the Touchpad on Code Integrity Readiness Test. All fail! SO it is a problem in HLK. Strange too is that all new Playlist remove all tests from the "Tests" Test name list???

Can anyone help me with this issue?


  • DWDriverDWDriver Member Posts: 15

    Hi All,
    HyperVisor Code Integrity Readiness Test still fails for all drivers tested on my Test Client. I'm using the right versions and have downloaded the latest filter and Applied Filter but nothing helps. I have found several requests on the web regarding that problem but no help at all. I already run through the Troubleshooting Windows HLK Test Failures page. All other driver tests pass.

    Is there anyone who can help.
    Thanks Dietmar

  • DWDriverDWDriver Member Posts: 15

    No one?

  • PascalQuesseveurPascalQuesseveur Member Posts: 6

    Apparently I have the same problem as you. I just posted a new thread on the subject because I couldn't find this one. Did you find a solution?

  • DWDriverDWDriver Member Posts: 15

    No one?

  • DWDriverDWDriver Member Posts: 15

    Hi PascalQuesseveur,

    Yes, there have been several steps.
    a) I downloaded the latest version of vdhk. The files size was larger so it differs from the one I downloaded 3 weeks before
    b) I removed the client installation and re-installed the client according to the MS website

    i. net use \w.x.y.z\HLKInstall\coresystemclient /u:(user on controller)
    ii. \w.x.y.z\HLKInstall\Client\setup.cmd /qn ICFAGREE=Yes
    iii. \w.x.y.zHLKInstall\CoreSystemClient\InstallWTTClient ICFAGREE:1

    c) the installation process took much longer than before and installed many .dlls. You will get a warning about WEX but you can ignore it
    d) after that it worked and all tests got passed

    I'm not sure what it was, however, the latest vhdk made the difference.

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