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Verify your email account with Microsoft

pwillypwilly Member Posts: 23

Hi All,

We just received a suspicious email from Microsoft:

  • From: Microsoft Vetting Services [email protected]
  • Subject: Action needed: Verify your email account with Microsoft

Hello XXX,
Verify your email address
You are receiving this email because you (or someone from your organization) recently signed up for a new Partner Center account or updated an existing account using this email address.
Select Verify email address below to confirm that you (or someone from your organization) signed up for a new Partner Center account, or updated an existing account using this email address.
Otherwise, select I do not approve my organization to sign up for a Partner Center account with this email
Verify email address

All links point to However we have NOT recently signed up for a new Partner Center account nor updated our existing account.

On the other hand Microsoft seems to have (at least visually) a new Partner Center so an internal migration might have triggered this automated email.

Before we click that [Verify] button, could someone confirm that they have received that verification email as well.



  • Martin_BurnickiMartin_Burnicki Member - All Emails Posts: 43

    If you don't click on the link in that email, but instead open the normal partner center page in your web browser as usual, I'd expect that you should see a similar request to verify your email address, if it is really required.

  • pwillypwilly Member Posts: 23
    edited May 17

    Thanks Martin!

    We did already open the Partner Center page and all seems to be OK (apart from that re-submission request for the EV certificate which we already did months ago).

  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 8,986

    We DID have to recently re-verify several email addresses… particularly the one of the account “owner” — when we ignored this, all our company’s partner center accounts were disabled until the “owner” account was revalidated.

    So, I suspect the mail is legit. But look carefully (partner center is a huge mess) and see if anything needs revalidated… especially your “owner” email account.


    Peter Viscarola

  • pwillypwilly Member Posts: 23

    Thank you Peter for reconfirming.

    We verified our email address which was the owner email account.
    Also double checked the owner email account and there was nothing wrong.

    Hope this discussion helps others as well.

  • Mark_RoddyMark_Roddy Member - All Emails Posts: 4,540

    Yeah this was like a huge wtf. An unsolicited verification request is giant phishing red flag. Once again GlobalCorp demonstrates its utter indifference to our security.

  • Dejan_MaksimovicDejan_Maksimovic Member - All Emails Posts: 464
    via Email
    Just got the same request. Links do lead to in my case at
    least, so I think it is legit.
    I reckon we will have some awesome bugs and access problems, soon :D

    Regards, Dejan.
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