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Can an IOCTL be sent to a driver before it finished its DriverEntry?

henrik_meidahenrik_meida Member Posts: 76

Hey everyone,

Lets say i create a device object in my driverEntry and do some other stuff in it in the meantime before returning from DriverEntry.

Can an ICOTL be sent successfully to me and my dispatch function get called before my DriverEntry is returned?


  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 8,663

    Nope. Not until the DO_DEVICE_INITIALIZING bit is cleared in the Device Object flags field.


    Peter Viscarola

  • henrik_meidahenrik_meida Member Posts: 76

    @Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) said:
    Nope. Not until the DO_DEVICE_INITIALIZING bit is cleared in the Device Object flags field.


    So basically if i don't clear the DO_DEVICE_INITIALIZING bit after i created the device object with IoCreateDevice in my DriverEntry, user mode apps cannot open handle to my device object and send IOCTLs until DriverEntry is returned, and only then after the I/O manager clears this bit itself, they can open the handle to the device object, did i get this right?

  • Doron_HolanDoron_Holan Member - All Emails Posts: 10,641
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