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HLK Questions and Problems

David_ScheeleDavid_Scheele Member Posts: 2

Hello there. I've been tasked to get into the HLK Process to test and ultimately sign a driver for virtual network interfaces. I have a few questions though and this seems like a good place to ask without having to wait for 30 days for my account to unlock...

So far I have set up a HLK 1903 and two clients 1909 that could install the client software. I was unable to connect a HLK 2004 to a client with 20H2. Said these versions are not compatible and I don't know why. All the documentation says it should work but it doesn't. Oh well.

To celebrate being able to connect the clients with the server, I ran evevery test there was available. A lot of them passed, a lot of them failed. And now I have the simple questions... which tests do I actually need to get the driver signed? I know that i have to create a package taht I can send in to get it signed, but on documentation pages I only found "After the device passes all of the necessary tests..."
Well, what are the necessary tests?

Sorry if this might be a very basic questions, it's just that there is so much documentation and I can't seem to find the right search words to get the right answers.

When I look into the Test-Status it tells me "Assessment Failed: 2 Tests" (I test on two machines). Are these the tests that need to pass?

One test is being logged as "Running" and I have not found a way to abort or reset it in any way. Don't know what to do about that one.

I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can send my way. Even some helpful links would be awesome. Thank you for your time!


  • Tim_RobertsTim_Roberts Member - All Emails Posts: 14,030

    You need to choose the device you want to test. When you do that, HLK will show you the set of tests for that device. You have to pass ALL of them.

    Tim Roberts, [email protected]
    Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

  • David_ScheeleDavid_Scheele Member Posts: 2

    Hello Tim, thanks for the answer. That helped me, I didn't see this stated anywhere else. Maybe I'm blind.
    So far I have also found a very helpful tutorial that seems to have improved my results.

  • CaptainFlintCaptainFlint Member Posts: 51

    There is also HLK playlist which you need to download from the MS. It may filter down the list of tests you need to run.

  • rusakov2rusakov2 Member Posts: 39

    @CaptainFlint said:
    There is also HLK playlist which you need to download from the MS. It may filter down the list of tests you need to run.

    I typically start with setting a check mark on top of column.
    1. It selects all tests which HLK server found applicable to my driver.
    2. Then, I exclude (deselect) those tests which are not compatible with the platform capabilities (say S3 is not supported so HLK won't try those tests)
    3. Next, I exclude all the tests which I know will never complete - again because of platform limitation (say CHAOS tests)
    4. The remaining tests can be saved as user play list - for particular driver on a particular platform
    5. when a new version of that driver comes up to test, the saved play list is loaded

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