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Tested driver replaced by Windows Update

Michal_VodickaMichal_Vodicka Member - All Emails Posts: 109
edited May 28 in NTDEV

Our QA were testing the driver under development and when a long stress test failed for a different reason they suddenly found tested driver was replaced by older version from WU. This one is WHQLed of course and tested driver was only signed by company certificate.

I'm checking WU and Setup API logs and can't find a reason why it happened. It is clear WU agent did it but why? I admit I can be missing something in WU log as it is almost unreadable, installation package is serialized and deserialized many times and the log has almost 60k lines in two days. So maybe there is a reason logged and I just can't see it. Seems to me like standard WU, package was downloaded and installed later.

Well, maybe it is supposed to work this way but it looks crazy to me. Any idea?

To be exact, this is what happened:

  • the device was plugged in the 1st time
  • WHQLed driver was automatically installed from WU
  • the driver was uninstalled manually from Device Manager
  • tested driver was installed manually from DM
  • many tests were run for two days
  • suddenly WU "updated" the driver to WHQLed one

I'm under impression this should not happen and there was some event which led to it. But I'm really unsure as WU is so screwed in Win10 I can't exclude intention.

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