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NDIS Miniport Testing aids

Gregory_G._DyessGregory_G._Dyess Member - All Emails Posts: 375

I've developed an NDIS 6.1 Miniport driver for Windows Embedded Compact 2013. My initial implementation naively ignored the NDIS Miniport state machine model. I've since corrected that.

What I need to do now is fully test that my driver is responding to the NDIS callbacks for Pause, Halt and Shutdown. Testing the InitializeEx and Restart is accomplished through normal startup sequence. I need to figure out how to test the other 3 callbacks.

I found references to NDISTest which allegedly has source code for the tests. I figure I could port those calls to WEC in order to create at least a unit test suite or, at the very least, figure out what usermode calls trigger NDIS to call the desired Miniport callbacks. The problem here is I can't seem to find a valid download link for this test kit. I'm hitting some overzealous Microsoft check that thinks I'm some kind of bot site hell bent on bombarding them with download requests. I asked a colleague in New Zealand to attempt the download and he was greeted with the same message and blocked.

Are there any NDIS experts here who can provide suggestions as to test kits I might be able to use or at least with source code I can port to WEC? Absent a test kit, does anyone know how to even trigger NDIS to make the callbacks into my driver?


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