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Best way to retrieve user name in combined kernel/user mode system?

AlorynnAlorynn Member Posts: 13

One of the features of a minifilter->user mode server system I'm helping build requires us to log user access attempts to certain files. There are a number of ways to get user IDs in both KM and UM but I was just wondering if there's a "best practices" way of doing so, ensuring the user ID I log belongs to the Windows account that actually tried to open the file, and not a system/admin/etc. account running the minifilter and server?

Advice appreciated, especially for a UM solution as I'd prefer not to monkey with our driver code! :)


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,442

    If you're in Pre/Post IRP_MJ_CREATE you can retrieve the SID of the requestor using the following:

        PSE_SID SeSid)
        PACCESS_STATE             accessState;
        PACCESS_TOKEN             requestorToken;
        PTOKEN_USER               tokenUserInfo = NULL;
        NTSTATUS                  status;
        PSECURITY_SUBJECT_CONTEXT requestorSubjectContext;
        // This routine returns a NULL SID if we fail to query
        accessState = Data->Iopb->Parameters.Create.SecurityContext->AccessState;
        requestorSubjectContext = &accessState->SubjectSecurityContext;
        // SeQuerySubjectContextToken does the right thing and returns us either the
        // impersonation token or the process token of the requestor
        requestorToken = SeQuerySubjectContextToken(requestorSubjectContext);
        // This doesn't fail, there is always one or the other
        // Query the token to retrieve the user SID
        status = SeQueryInformationToken(requestorToken,
                                         (PVOID *)&tokenUserInfo);
        if (!NT_SUCCESS(status)) {
            goto Exit;
        if (tokenUserInfo != NULL) {

    User mode can then easily translate the SID to a user name (e.g. LookupAccountSid).


  • MBond2MBond2 Member Posts: 304

    if you are going to log, log the invariant SID - the user name can change, but this can't. Then in a tool that views the log, perform the conversion based on the then current name etc. for that SID. This often comes up when people change their names after marriage etc.

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