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Running The Driver Verification Log from VS 2019

jtomczykjtomczyk Member Posts: 16
edited February 25 in NTDEV

I am trying to run the "Create Driver Verification Log" (DVL) in Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 Version 16.8.5.

My environment includes the latest Windows SDK (10.0.19041.1) and Windows Driver Kit (10.0.19041.1)

I am able to build my driver without any problems.

I am able to run Code Analysis and Static Driver Verification without any problems.

My problems arise when I attempt to create a DVL. I get the following pop-up every time:

Could not load file or assembly 'System.Runtime, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or ones of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

I have been stumped by this for several days now.

I started on with clean environment. I installed VS studio first, followed by the SDK and WDK in that order.

What am I doing wrong?


  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 8,411

    Sorry to hear you've been struggling with this.

    As annoying as it is, this is a known issue. Be sure you're running the latest version of the WDK (recall that there was an update for the 2004 WDK... you should see "WDK version is 10.0.19041.685" in Visual Studio if you're running the latest). I don't know if that update fixes the problem... I presume it does NOT (unfortunately).

    The only work around I'm aware of for this is to use the "preview" WDK (in which this problem HAS been fixed):


    Peter Viscarola

  • jtomczykjtomczyk Member Posts: 16

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the reply. Is there a link where I can download this preview SDK?

    The provided link states:
    To access this page, you need to be a member of the Windows Insider program.

    I am enrolled in this program yet I still get this message.

  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 8,411

    That's the only link that I'm aware of (and that link comes directly from MSFT).

    You have to be logged-in to the MSFT account that's enrolled in the "Windows Insider Program" -- And, having SAID that, I too got that same message earlier today... and when I just tried the link now, it worked. So... /shrugs


    Peter Viscarola

  • jtomczykjtomczyk Member Posts: 16

    I was finally able to get your recommended installer.

    It worked! I can now run the "Create Driver Verification Log" utility.

    Thank you!

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