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Keyboard Filter Driver. Scan Code -> VK_??? (OEM Specific)

rMidirMidi Member Posts: 1

Preface (Imaginary. So someone does not ask 'What are you trying to do?):
I have a Win32 C++ application.
This application wants to know when the user wants to open the start menu via Ctrl+Esc
Of course, Ctrl+Esc is fired from the operating system so the application never see's it.

I have looked at Windows Virtual Keys.
I see that there are plenty of OEM specific VK's

So my thought was:

  • Keyboard Filter Driver.
  • When my application has the focus it tells the Keyboard Filter Driver.
  • When my driver sees the Ctrl is down and an Esc down occurs (And my application has focus):
    -- Swallow the Esc and replace it with a scan code that will produce say a VK_0x92 (OEM Specific).

  • Since I have swallowed the Esc the operating system will never see Ctr+Esc

  • My application will then see the VK_0x92 and know the user wants to open the start menu and perform some action.

My question is how do I 'muck' the input within my driver (KEYBOARD_INPUT_DATA) in order for a say
VK_0x92 to appear within my application?

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