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Single Machine NDISTest Scripts

David12345David12345 Member Posts: 2

Hello everyone,

I've discovered NDISTest a little late into my driver's development, and now I'm somewhat worriedly running these scripts against my driver being dogfooded and seeing failures. I'm trying to port a Linux driver to Windows, so a lot of this is excitingly new to me. I have an NDIS miniport driver running on a virtual machine, and it's currently failing at 1c_Mini6PerfSend after running this command in my test environment:

ndtest.exe /auto /client /dvi /u /target:Miniport /tc:{virtual_driver_mac} /script:{1c_Mini6PerfSend.wsf}

The failure seems to be an uncaught assert in ndprot630.sys, which from the logs is probably happening because of:

CNDTPerformanceCommManager::WaitForSendsToComplete: Miniport is probably not send completing pending sends

This test runs a bunch of iterations, and in most of the iterations NBLs sent == NBLs send completed == NBL sends successful. Before I dive into my driver and see if there's any way I could not be calling NdisMSendNetBufferListsComplete (feels unlikely), has anyone seen this before where it's just been a timing issue? Where the test possibly isn't waiting quite long enough for a slow virtual device to complete the send? If so are there any command line flags allowing me to extend the wait per iteration, and reduce the number of iterations?


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