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Windows 10/2004 x64 missing HAL symbols

MetekMetek Member - All Emails Posts: 55

Hi All!

I just notice that in the Windows 10 Build 19041 (version 2004) I see no HAL symbols. Instead of symbols just a strange output (see below). Kernel symbols are displayed OK and, of course, I'm using BIOS and not UEFI version.
I'm interested, if anyone else have the same problem and, generally, if Microsoft changed policy about symbols.

Thank you in advance,


1: kd> x hal!*
fffff8003b672048 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal6 = <no type information> fffff8003b672078 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal7 =
fffff8003b672008 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal4 = <no type information> fffff8003b672060 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal5 =
fffff8003b672000 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal2 = <no type information> fffff8003b672028 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal3 =
fffff8003b672020 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal1 = <no type information> fffff8003b672058 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal10 =
fffff8003b672070 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal11 = <no type information> fffff8003b672018 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal12 =
fffff8003b672050 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal13 = <no type information> fffff8003b672010 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal14 =
fffff8003b672038 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal15 = <no type information> fffff8003b672068 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal16 =
fffff8003b672030 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal8 = <no type information> fffff8003b672040 hal!HotPatchSpareGlobal9 = <no type informa


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,450

    I don't know what those symbols are but HAL is now included in the NTOS image:

    1: kd> x nt!HalMakeBeep
    fffff802`122d5b40 nt!HalMakeBeep (HalMakeBeep)


  • MetekMetek Member - All Emails Posts: 55

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you very much for the information. I found it. Do you know the reason? Is Microsoft explain this change somehow?

  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,450

    I do not know the definitive reason. However, ever since Vista there has only been one HAL per-architecture so having separate Kernel and HAL images is unnecessary.


  • MetekMetek Member - All Emails Posts: 55

    Thank you very much Scott. I appreciate your input.

    With best regards,


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