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Problem in implement cancel queue on IRP Create

santosh_menonsantosh_menon Member Posts: 7

i am trying to implement cancel queue on IRP Create
i got a sample from here
i want to convert following code for IRP Create, What changes should i made

//This routine empties the cancel safe queue and complete all the
// pended pre-read operations.
VOID PreReadEmptyQueueAndComplete(
    _In_ PINSTANCE_CONTEXT InstanceContext

    NTSTATUS Status;

    do {

        callbackStatus = FLT_PREOP_SUCCESS_NO_CALLBACK;

        Data = FltCbdqRemoveNextIo( &InstanceContext->Cbdq, NULL );

        if (Data) {

            QueueCtx = (PQUEUE_CONTEXT) Data->QueueContext[0];

        //changes here  
            if (!FlagOn(Data->Flags, FLTFL_CALLBACK_DATA_SYSTEM_BUFFER) && 
                Data->Iopb->Parameters.Read.MdlAddress == NULL &&
                Data->Iopb->Parameters.Read.Length > 0) {

                Status = FltLockUserBuffer( Data );

                if (!NT_SUCCESS( Status ))

                    callbackStatus = FLT_PREOP_COMPLETE;
                    Data->IoStatus.Status = Status;

            FltCompletePendedPreOperation( Data,callbackStatus, NULL );

            ExFreeToNPagedLookasideList( &Globals.QueueContextLookaside,
                                         QueueCtx );

    } while (Data);

plz help

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