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Anybody automating the HLK signing process?

Shane_CorbinShane_Corbin Member Posts: 251

The process of setting up HLK devices, running the tests, collecting the results, packaging for all variants, submitting the package, retrieving the signed package, and integrating the package into your installation/redistributable software is anything but concisely documented. Many of the individual steps have various levels of documentation, but for the most part we all have the same workflow needs (ex: make a change and get it to our customer). I've got all the steps between code change and making an installer automated (with the exception of the HLK signing process).

Are people actually automating that process successfully? If so, are you able to integrate it into the rest of your CI process? I'd be really curious how folks are pulling this off. What does the device topology look like (ex: build machine(s), HLK server/client(s), how do they interact, etc. I find doing basic things like creating a proper .cab file for submission a PITA every time I need to make a new one. I'd love to replace the entire manual process with an automated process that has a single configuration file to account for anything unique to my driver.

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