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Mani_Kumar_YMani_Kumar_Y Member Posts: 4
edited February 6 in NTDEV

Hi All,

I am working on a WDI model Windows sample driver.
Two different paths available in driver for WDI Oids & Standard 802.11 OIDs.
I have used IOCTL_NDIS_QUERY_GLOBAL_STATS in DeviceIOControl() API, whatever the custom non-WDI OID i have implemented in test app is not reaching to the driver.

Tried registering custom non-WDI OIDs with NDIS by following this
"call GenerateWdiGetAdapterCapabilities with WDI_GET_ADAPTER_CAPABILITIES_PARAMETERS::InterfaceAttributes::NonWdiOidsList"
Added Custom non-WDI oids implementation at standard 802.11 OID's place in WDI driver.
OID communication from test app to WDI driver is not working in this trial also.

Please share information if any way is there to implement the OID communication between test app & WDI driver.

thanks in advance! :)

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