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How to read a variable which is part of a global structure through a debug extension?

pillowyMantispillowyMantis Member Posts: 2

Hi there, I am connected to a kernel and I am writing a debug extension for a driver, I have loaded the symbols for the driver and there's this global structure x which contains a pointer to an instance of a class y. I can dereference this pointer, typecast the pointer as the instance y and read it fine from the watch window of windg. But I have trouble doing it through the debug extension I am writing, I can read the symbol address for x using IDebugSymbols3::GetOffsetByName and get the pointer value using ReadTypedDataVirtual but am unable to access this instance of y since its not exactly a . Does anyone know how I can access this variable(instance of y) since it doesn't actually have a symbol name? Thanks, I am trying to use dbgeng.h


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,302

    Not sure I follow...Classes should have type information in the PDB (module!ClassName), though I'm not sure if that's what you're asking? A concrete example would help.

    However, have you looked at the new Javascript interface to the debugger? Much easier than writing a C++ extension.


  • pillowyMantispillowyMantis Member Posts: 2

    I would like to typecast a pointer as an instance of a class from within a windbg extension. Is it possible? Because it can be done from the watch window

  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,302

    I think ExtRemoteTyped from extengcpp is what you want.

    I suspect Javascript will be way easier though. See host.createTypedObject


  • raj_rraj_r Member - All Emails Posts: 983
    edited January 27

    I am unable to Visualize your exactly a . sentence
    but here is an extension code that uses ExtRemoteTyped
    to cast a void * to a type * and print out the structured Data

        #include <engextcpp.cpp>
        class EXT_CLASS : public ExtExtension
        EXT_COMMAND( mydt, "mydt", "{;e,o,[email protected]$peb;!mydt;}" )
            //if Address not given like !mydt 12345678 Address defaults to @$peb PseudoRegister
            ExtRemoteTyped Peb("(ntdll!_PEB*)@$extin", GetUnnamedArgU64(0));
            //will print only the Address of current _PEB
                ExtRemoteTyped ProcessHeap = Peb.Field("ProcessHeap");
                // prints dt ntdll!_PEB ProcessHeap @$peb NoType Info as PVOID
                    ULONG64 v_off = ProcessHeap.m_Offset;
                    Out("%I64x\n" , v_off);
                    ULONG64 v_data = ProcessHeap.m_Data;
                    Out("%I64x\n" , v_data);
                    ExtRemoteTyped MyHeap("(ntdll!_HEAP*)@$extin", v_data);
                    ExtRemoteTyped MyHeapCounts = MyHeap.Field("Counters");
                    // print like dt ntdll!_HEAP Counters->* @@c++(@$peb->ProcessHeap)

    built using vs2017 community as x86 and win 10 18362 headers and libs

    @echo off
    set "INCLUDE= %INCLUDE%;E:\windjs\windbg_18362\inc"
    set "LIB=%LIB%;E:\windjs\windbg_18362\lib\x86"
    set "LINKLIBS=user32.lib kernel32.lib dbgeng.lib dbghelp.lib"
    cl /LD /nologo /W4 /Od  /Zi /EHsc mydt.cpp /link /nologo
    /EXPORT:DebugExtensionInitialize /Export:mydt /Export:help /RELEASE

    executed results


    E:\windbg_18362\inc\engextcpp.cpp(1849): warning C4245: ItoI64 -/+ mismatch
       Creating library mydt.lib and object mydt.exp

    cdb -c ".load .\mydt;!mydt;q" cdb

    0:000> cdb: Reading initial command '.load .\mydt;!mydt;q'
    0x7ffd8000              ->>> Peb
    void * 0x00160000       ->>> ProcessHeap
    7ffd8018                ->>> Peb + #FieldOffset("_PEB","ProcessHeap")
    160000                  ->>> ULONG64
    struct _HEAP_COUNTERS
       +0x000 TotalMemoryReserved : 0x100000
       +0x004 TotalMemoryCommitted : 0xa000
       +0x008 TotalMemoryLargeUCR : 0xf6000
       +0x00c TotalSizeInVirtualBlocks : 0
       +0x010 TotalSegments    : 1
       +0x014 TotalUCRs        : 1
       +0x018 CommittOps       : 5
       +0x01c DeCommitOps      : 0
       +0x020 LockAcquires     : 0
       +0x024 LockCollisions   : 0
       +0x028 CommitRate       : 5
       +0x02c DecommittRate    : 0
       +0x030 CommitFailures   : 0
       +0x034 InBlockCommitFailures : 0
       +0x038 CompactHeapCalls : 0
       +0x03c CompactedUCRs    : 0
       +0x040 AllocAndFreeOps  : 0
       +0x044 InBlockDeccommits : 0
       +0x048 InBlockDeccomitSize : 0
       +0x04c HighWatermarkSize : 0x9f88
       +0x050 LastPolledSize   : 0x9900
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