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Minifilter System hanging

EricAbidEricAbid Member Posts: 3
edited November 2019 in NTFSD
Hello everyone . Today for testing I creatded simple MiniFilter driver . I registered IRM_MJ_CREATE firstly in Preop function I get created filename and with DbgPrint i printed filenames to debug out it works well . In next project I want to send all filenames to my usermode console App .For this reason I create communication port .
Ok in user mode my code looks like this .

res = FltGetMessage(...)
printf() ;without printf problem not solved

In kernel mode after I get filename I send it FltSendMessage(...) with NULL timeout.

when usermode app connect minifilter system hang I do nothing mouse keyboard all freezed. But when I send CTRL+C to console system again works well . So my
1.question can system hang because of heavy of data like ( a lot of filenames) and a lot of request(p.s im not using overlapped for test app i use sync method)

2.canit happen if both FilterGetMessage amd FltSendMessage has incorrect parameter?

or just I cant use FltSendMessage in IRP_MJ_CREATE for this situation?


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