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WLK testing for 1909 not possible

schnuffi16schnuffi16 Member Posts: 5

I installed W10 1909 on a fresh partition. All was successfully. 'Winver' and 'System Information' show build version 18363 (1909).

For HLK testing I used HLK 1903 as described at HLK online documentation .

HLK1903 switchs client sasrtem to Testmode. Now I was wondering. 'Winver' and 'System Information' show build 18363 as expected. But Testmode reports in corner build 18362.19h1_release.190318_1202.

HLK detects this installation as build 18362 too! This problem is available on x86 and x64 systems.

If I run all HLK tests and create a submission package with these test results dashboard does not recognize that tests are from 1909. It accept tests as 1903 (19H1) only.

How I can certify my driver for Windows 10 1909?


  • Stuv7CBStuv7CB Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2019

    According to Microsoft:

    WHCP requirements – No change. Windows 10, version 1903 requirements remain applicable for Windows 10, version 1909 release.
    Hardware Lab kit – No change. Since WHCP requirements will persist in Windows 10, version 1909, HLK will also remain the same. There will not be new HLK release in Windows 10, version 1909. While both Windows 10, version 1903 and 1909 OS can be used for Windows 10, version 1903 qualification, they will be recognized as meeting the Windows 10. Version 1903 qualification.
    Driver signature – No change. Drivers meeting all the applicable Windows 10, version 1903 requirements, will be digitally signed with “v100.x86.19H1” or “v100.x64.19H1” signature attributes.

    So your drivers certified for Windows 10 1903 would work on 1909 as well.

  • schnuffi16schnuffi16 Member Posts: 5

    It is correct that 1903 certified driver works on 1909. But why I run tests on 1909 and HLK detects the OS as 1903. Former HLK 1703 was used for 2 versions too. But this could detect 1703 and 1607!
    Do you have a hint where Microsoft has documented that I can use 1903 version for 1909 testing?
    I found at only that I have to use HLK 1903 for Windows versions 1903 and 1909!
    what you have quoted is written too:

    Submission – No change. Both Windows 10, version1903 and 1909 OS can be used for WHCP submission.

    Both looks like a certification should be possible for 1909. So my and my customers expectation is that we can get a certification for 1909 otherwise it would be pointless to install 1909 for testing!
    Forthermore it is inconsistent if some tools report 1909 and some 1903! It is impossible for any testing, not only for HLK, if testmode reports other version than normal mode!

  • Tim_RobertsTim_Roberts Member - All Emails Posts: 13,489

    It is correct that 1903 certified driver works on 1909.


    Do you have a hint where Microsoft has documented that I can use 1903 version for 1909 testing?

    Who on earth cares? If your driver doesn't do anything 1909 specific, then there is nothing to gain by running 1909 tests. As long as your driver passes ANY Windows 10 HLK, that binary will continue to work for all Windows 10 versions. It's not like the certification brings any particular guarantees or endorsements. Why raise your blood pressure about this?

    Tim Roberts, [email protected]
    Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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