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File replace dialog for driver installation

adnanadnan Member Posts: 169

Hi All,
How can we get rid of file replace dialog while installing drivers via co-installers. I tried overriding SPFILENOTIFY_TARGETNEWER but that messed up installation on server 2008. Now I tried INF file flags and did %DriverName%.sys,,,0x2. But that seems not working if there is a newer file already installed on target.
Could we completely get rid of the file replace dialog and the driver is installed without user intervention?


  • adnanadnan Member Posts: 169

    So I did find a solution for this. Instead of using

    SetupInstallFromInfSection(... SP_COPY_NEWER_OR_SAME | SP_COPY_NOSKIP,...)

    I used

    SetupInstallFromInfSection(... SP_COPY_NOSKIP,...)

    and it works fine now, doesn't give a replace dialog if I'm installing old drivers on top of newer ones.

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