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Convert kernel handle 'PACCESS_TOKEN' into user-mode HANDLE hToken

Gova_GimerGova_Gimer Member - All Emails Posts: 43


I had research in google about how convert a kernel handle 'PACCESS_TOKEN' into user-mode HANDLE hToken, I did not find anything
How do i do ?

i developpe a virtual disk file system and i want check security ACL access in IRP_MJ_CREATE

In kernel mode :
I capture PACCESS_TOKEN in SECURITY_SUBJECT_CONTEXT::client token from _IO_STACK_LOCATION::Create::SecurityContext::AccessState::SubjectSecurityContext::ClientToken;

In user mode hToken :
HANDLE hImpersonatedToken = NULL;
if (::DuplicateToken(hToken, SecurityImpersonation, &hImpersonatedToken))
mapping.GenericRead = FILE_GENERIC_READ;
mapping.GenericWrite = FILE_GENERIC_WRITE;
mapping.GenericExecute = FILE_GENERIC_EXECUTE;
mapping.GenericAll = FILE_ALL_ACCESS;

        ::MapGenericMask(&genericAccessRights, &mapping);

        if (::AccessCheck(pFileSD, hImpersonatedToken, genericAccessRights, &mapping, &privileges, &privilegesLength, &grantedAccess, &result))
            bRet = (result == TRUE);


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