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Discovering footprints of loaded and unloaded kernel mode drivers

JordanPietkaJordanPietka Member Posts: 1

Background: There are vulnerable kernel mode drivers for Windows systems, which can be loaded into the system for various purposes. Loaded kernel mode drivers leave traces in the system. Anti-cheat software for video games, for example, look for vulnerable driver traces in various parts of the system because they are used for cheating. The logic used by anti-cheat software could perhaps be (or were already) used by anti-rootkit tools or rootkits themselves.

I am wondering where traces are left after drivers are loaded and then unloaded. From my research, I found these two places in Windows NT kernel, where unloaded drivers leave traces:

  1. PiDDBCacheTable
  2. MmUnloadedDrivers

(Just to let you know, those are undocumented data structures) Where else could they leave traces? Is it possible for me to learn it without reverse-engineering the Windows kernel by myself?


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