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Please suggest suitable Modern standby platform/Notebook supporting PME# wakeup for WLAN

joyjit_mullickjoyjit_mullick Member Posts: 26


I have couple of queries related to WOWLAN over PCIe bus.

a)In Modern standby laptops which supports S0 Idle , it seems there is no Power Management tab(compared to legacy systems supporting S3) where machine wake up option is available, does this mean that wake up via networking devices like LAN and WLAN (if they are on PCIe) is supported by default(given that BIOS options are set for the same)

b)could you suggest a tried and tested or golden Modern Standby platform which can be used to verify PME # generated wakeup using WIFI e,g using standard tool like Magic Packet generator



  • joyjit_mullickjoyjit_mullick Member Posts: 26

    i will simplify my question anybody aware of a notebook capable of modern standby and at the same time supporting wake over WIFI

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