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can windbg dd command check memory-mapped virtual address which is mapped given PCI BAR

tony_zhutony_zhu Member Posts: 31

suppose i get the PCI BAR address d000000c in WDDM miniport display driver, then i use DxgkCbMapMemory defined in WDK Dispmprt.h , then this function should return me the mapped virtual address that can allow me to access PCI device registers.
like this c++ code
uint32_t result = *(MmrBase + offset);
with this line of code, my driver can retrieve the value.

but if i use dd command in windbg, i can not get the value.

Can someone tell me what i did wrong?


  • tony_zhutony_zhu Member Posts: 31

    i am pretty sure i am mapping memory address space instead of IO space.

  • tony_zhutony_zhu Member Posts: 31

    7: kd> ??(pCgs->pMmrBase + offset)
    unsigned int * 0xffffa2002525a800 7: kd> ??(pCgs->pMmrBase) unsigned int * 0xffffa20025200000
    7: kd> ??(offset)
    unsigned int 0x16a00
    7: kd> dd 0xffffa20025200000+0x16a00*4 L1 ffffa2002525a800 00000002

    sorry, found my problem. please ignore my post

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