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Kernel debugging Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt ports

craniumratcraniumrat Member Posts: 7


Has any one managed to kernel debug a driver on a Macbook Pro? The 2019 Macbook Pro has 4 thunderbolt ports and nothing else. kdnet does not show a valid NIC. There are no Ethernet ports on it.

I'm not able to find a A-A crossover USB 3.0 compliant cable (like DataPro) online (in India). I'm not even sure the cable will work with a USB-C -> USB-A female adapter in the middle. I have tried connecting a regular USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-A 3.0 cable to my desktop, but failed to make a connection. I could not create a Virtual USB-EEM Ethernet Network Connection to try and work with kdnet.

So, once again, has any one managed to get this to work?



  • Eric_WittmayerEric_Wittmayer Member Posts: 37

    I haven't tried on a Macbook but i'm using a A to C adapter with a datapro cable right now and its working. But it will only work if you flip the type C connector one direction. At least with the Asmedie USB 3 host i'm using on my debug machine. Not sure if that is related to the cable or the host. I also just tried with a standard Type-C to Type-C cable and it worked. I don't have a 2019 Macbook to try on.

    Remember to start windbg as administrator the first time so it can install the drivers. Kudos to the MSFT WinDbg guys because it actually reminded me to do this when i forget the first time.


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