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Writing an installer for my driver

sweetssweets Member Posts: 2

The driver I'm working on is planned to be released alongside some software that it's been made for, and we would like to have the driver be installed alongside it and run at startup.
I'm currently having a difficult time finding resources related to installing drivers through software. Any resources or explanations would be greatly appreciated, thanks


  • rod_widdowsonrod_widdowson Member - All Emails Posts: 1,082

    Good question.
    Microsoft has provided no feedback on how this is to be done since they started deprecating DIFXAPP. AIUI, there is some sort of idea that minifilters will beinstalled as Apps, but I don't yet understand/see how that is going to work.
    Although it goes against the grain to suggestion using a deprecated subsystem, I would nonetheless suggest that you look at the <difx:Driver> element in WiX (which would be my recommendation for writing an installer). Documentation here.
    Another solution I have seen is to use QTEXEC or similar to do a Rundll blabla,InstallHinfSection bla bla. This is pretty sucky but remains sort of supported (for as long as you can right click on inf files to install). Checkout lines 120 and beyond on the OpenAFS installer

  • Sourabh_ArvikarSourabh_Arvikar Member Posts: 75

    @sweets, are you trying to install driver programmatically? or looking any other way.

    To install programmatically please look into

    code example will be look like:

    InstallHinfSection(NULL, NULL, L"DefaultInstall 128 <driver INF file path>", 0);

  • sweetssweets Member Posts: 2

    @Sourabh_Arvikar Yes, that is what I am trying to do, Thank you very much!

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