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No resource for ETW

Sergey_PisarevSergey_Pisarev Member - All Emails Posts: 152
Hello! I am learning how to use ETW. I was able to create manifest file and use generated macroses (EventWrite...). However I can’t successfully install the manifest:
C:\Users\adm\Desktop>wevtutil im
**** Warning: The resource file for publisher Iomon was not found or could not be opened.

resourceFileName: %Systemroot%\System32\drivers\iomon.sys

**** Warning: Publisher Iomon resources could not be found or are not accessible
to the Local Service account.

As I understand that means that some resources aren’t compiled in sys file(maybe I’m wrong). I am doing everything step by step according to tutorial .

What should I do to fix this?


  • Pavel_APavel_A Member Posts: 2,688

    In your .man file you've specified two binaries:
    1. resourceFileName - contains the main compiled manifest resource
    2. messageFileName - contains localized string resource(s)

    When you compile the .man, MC creates the binary resources (.bin files) and a .rc (resource compiler) file:
    The .rc and .bin resources need to be compiled and linked to some PE file that can contain resources.
    It can be the .sys file itself, or a separate resource-only DLL.
    This is probably the step you're missing.

    Finally, run wevtutil to get all bits together. So simple and intuitive ;)

    -- pa

  • Sergey_PisarevSergey_Pisarev Member - All Emails Posts: 152
    via Email
    Thank you!
    I’ll try that

    Sent from my iPhone
  • jayajaya Member Posts: 5
    edited September 25

    I have a same issue. I tried adding the resource file to the visual studio project, but i get linking error. As i have another .rc file in the driver which is the reason. So how can i add both existing .mc along with the this new .man.

    CVTRES : fatal error CVT1100: duplicate resource. type:MESSAGETABLE, name:1, language:0x0409
    LINK : fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt

    1.rc - this is from manifest
    LANGUAGE 0x9,0x1
    1 11 "rev_etw_evts_MSG00001.bin"
    1 WEVT_TEMPLATE "rev_etw_evtsTEMP.BIN"

    2.rc - existing for wpp logs.
    LANGUAGE 0x9,0x1
    1 11 "drvlog_MSG00001.bin"

    Please help here.

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