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KMDF Verifier fails call to WdfDriverCreate() with 0xC000009A

Joe_MoriartyJoe_Moriarty Member Posts: 14

I know others have run into this problem as well. But, I've read over previous discussions on this topic and I still cannot determine what the fix for my issue is. So, I thought I would ask the experts here. The following code works during DriverEntry of my WDF driver with no problems.

WDF_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES LDTPITDrvAttributes, LDTPITRegistryPathAttributes;

#if DBG
    // Initialize DbgPrintEx stuff for LDTPIT driver
    sprintf_s(DebugPrintHeader, sizeof(DebugPrintHeader), "%s ", VER_INTERNALNAME_STR);
    strcat_s(DebugPrintHeader, sizeof(DebugPrintHeader), "(%x) ");
#endif /* DBG */

// Initialize the driver configuration structure
LDTPITDrvConfig.EvtDriverUnload = LDTPITDriverUnload;
LDTPITDrvAttributes.ExecutionLevel = WdfExecutionLevelPassive;
LDTPITDrvAttributes.EvtCleanupCallback = LDTPITDriverCleanupCallback;

// Finally, create the driver object
Status = WdfDriverCreate(pDriverObject, pRegistryPath, &LDTPITDrvAttributes, &LDTPITDrvConfig, 
if (!NT_SUCCESS(Status))
    goto end;

But, when KMDF Verifier is enabled. I get the following Status. Status = 0xC000009A

I've enabled "Verbose Logging" on my driver and the following information shown is immediately after the call to WdfDriverCreate() is executed.

!wdfkd.wdflogdump ldtpit.sys
<---------------------------------------------- Verbose Information ----------------------------------------------------->
Trace searchpath is:

Trace format prefix is: %7!u!: %!FUNC! -
Trying to extract TMF information from - c:\users\joe moriarty\symbols\Wdf01000.pdb\11E877268FAE7196F0AA5A416B1A36E01\Wdf01000.pdb
Gather log: Please wait, this may take a moment (reading 4024 bytes).
% read so far ... 10, 100
There are 10 log entries
--- start of log ---
1: FxIFRStart - FxIFR logging started
2: FxInitialize - Initialize globals for \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\LDTPIT
3: FxPoolInitialize - Initializing Pool 0xFFFFE48AD89AA138, Tracking 1
4: FxPoolAllocator - Allocation Fail Count exceeded
5: FxVerifierLock::AllocateThreadTable - No Memory to allocate thread table
6: LockVerifierSection - Increment Lock counter (1) for Verifier Paged Memory from \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\LDTPIT from driver globals FFFFE48AD89AA0D0
7: FxPoolAllocator - Allocation Fail Count exceeded
8: FxPoolDestroy - Destroying Pool 0xFFFFE48AD89AA138
9: FxPoolDump - FxPoolDump: NonPagedBytes 0, PagedBytes 0, NonPagedAllocations 0, PagedAllocations 0,PeakNonPagedBytes 0, PeakPagedBytes 0,FxPoolDump: PeakNonPagedAllocations 0, PeakPagedAllocations 0
10: UnlockVerifierSection - Decrement UnLock counter (0) for Verifier Paged Memory with driver globals FFFFE48AD89AA0D0
---- end of log ----

!wdfkd.wdfdriverinfo ldtpit.sys

<------------------------------------------ WDF DriverInfo ------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Default driver image name: ldtpit
WDF library image name:
FxDriverGlobals 0xffffe48ad89aa0d0
WdfBindInfo 0xfffff800bf987090
Version v1.15
Library module 0xffffe48ad5e4e1e0
ServiceName \Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Wdf01000

ImageName Wdf01000

Driver Handles is NULL

Any Ideas?

Thanks In Advance for the Help,


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,173

    You've turned on some low resource simulation option and so the framework is failing memory allocations. Source code for the framework is online:

    Check your KMDF Verifier settings.


  • Joe_MoriartyJoe_Moriarty Member Posts: 14

    This is the current settings. I am not sure which setting corresponds to

    (FxDriverGlobals->WdfVerifierAllocateFailCount != 0xFFFFFFFF))

    I'm guessing FAIL Memory Allocations setting needs to be 0xFFFFFFFF to get by low resource simulation. Am I reading the code in wdfpool.cpp right?

    Also, I currently have the default settings turned on for Driver Verifier as well. Is this okay?


  • Joe_MoriartyJoe_Moriarty Member Posts: 14

    Driver Verifier has "Pool tracking" = Enabled.

    I'm think this line of code in wdfpool.ccp is causing the problem.

    if (FxDriverGlobals->IsPoolTrackingOn()) {

    All I have to do is set "Pool tracking" = Disabled in Driver Verifier and this will get around the KMDF Verifier problem I am running into here. Right?


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,173

    Is VerifierAllocateFailCount set under your driver's service\Parameters\Wdf key?


  • Joe_MoriartyJoe_Moriarty Member Posts: 14
    edited February 6

    Here is what the WDF settings are when KMDF Verifier fails WdfDriverCreate().

    Post edited by Joe_Moriarty on
  • Joe_MoriartyJoe_Moriarty Member Posts: 14

    I removed the VerifierAllocateFailCount from the registry and the call to WdfDriverCreate() works again. Thanks for the helpful hint. This now leads me to my next question. How do I know when KMDFVerifier is done? Or, is this like DriverVerifier where you put the driver through stress and see if it triggers a BSOD.


  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 7,444

    How do I know when KMDFVerifier is done? Or, is this like DriverVerifier where you put the driver through stress and see if it triggers a BSOD.

    Yes, it's like DriverVerifier. KMDF Verifier doesn't TEST your driver, but rather monitors what your driver does to ensure that it's correct... and it also injects some OTHER things (throws a few curve balls... if baseball metaphor works for you) as your driver does its normal work to see if your driver handles these properly.


    Peter Viscarola

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