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replying an older thread

sudhakarsudhakar Unsubscribed Member Posts: 24

Some context: I was searching for a way to flush file buffer and found the following thread:

After some time what I thought a better solution was found and wanted to share the same with those who would land on the above page with same issue, so shared it there.

But I find it has violated community rules. Sorry about it.

I request you to please suggest me a way for the above kind of situation.


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  • Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 7,613
    edited January 2019

    I request you to please suggest me a way for the above kind of situation.

    Ignore it. This is the absolutely preferred action, unless the last solution in the thread is really bad... grossly technically invalid.

    The Original Poster is no longer looking for an answer... so who’s going to read your post?

    If the reply is really bad or seriously misleading, you can:

    a) Flag the post to the mods, and we’ll do something (like delete the thread)

    b) Write a reply that starts with something like the following “I realize this thread is ten years old, but for the archives... the result above is really wrong and misleading. Instead of the above, if anyone sees this later, I’d suggest...” — starting this way let’s us know what’s going on, and when you replied to a long dead thread.

    Of course, if you simply want to revive a discussion... start a new thread on the topic, with a link to the old topic. This can allow you to say something like “Hey, I just came across this thread, and I was thinking that instead I’d what it says there’s you could,,.”


    Peter Viscarola

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