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Please Read: Did You Post Something and It Did Not Appear? Edit a Post and Have it Disappear?

Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 9,113
edited May 2019 in NTDEV

If you post something to the forum and it does not immediately appear (or if you edit and existing post and the post you're editing disappears) it is most likely that your post has been caught in the spam filters. This is particularly likely if you're a new user.
If you edit an existing post several times in a row, it is also possible to trigger the "flood control" mechanism, which is designed to prevent people (like spammer or DDOSers) posting too many successive messages.
If this happens to you, there are two things you can do:
1. Chill for a bit and wait for a mod/admin to notice. If it's not spam, we'll mark it as such. If you've been around awhile and/or your post is clearly technical and not lame, we'll mark your account as being known good, so you will never get caught in the spam filters again.
2. Post a plea in the A&A section of the Community for the mods/admins to approve your post.
What I'd appreciate is you not posting the same query again. This just makes more work for the mods (we have to merge the replies, delete one of the posts, etc.).
I’d also appreciate you not emailing the mods, including me, asking for your post to be “liberated” from the spam queue. We have the A&A section for a reason. Contacting the mods is that reason.
Note that email notifications are sent before the spam filters kick-in. That means folks who participate in the list via email (a) will see most of the spam that gets posted to the forum, and (b) may answer a question before it's been posted. When the latter happens, that email is quarantined for the mods attention... and we can merge it into the original thread when that thread gets approved as "not spam."
As always, any issues/questions/comments/problems/suggestions/solutions... post them in A&A.
I'll also throw-in a request/suggestion that people regularly visit A&A to check the update FAQ and Rules posts that are pinned in that forum.

Peter Viscarola

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