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Did a Comment You Wrote Disappear? Or NOT Appear?

The forum isn’t broken. There’s a very sophisticated spam filtering package that attempts to automagically identify and quarantine posts that are spam. As clever as it is, it is sometimes not quite clever enough.

When post is marked as spam, it’s put in a queue for review by the mods.

If one of your posts doesn’t appear (or you edit a post and it suddenly disappears), you can let the mods know by posting something here in the A&A section... you can retry your post (a slight wording change might avoid the filter), or you can wait for one of the mods to notice the spam queue and approve your post.

There IS a mechanism that allows us to designate specific users as “verified” so that their posts never get marked as spam. Whenever a post is incorrectly marked as spam, and that user has a history of proper posting, we set that user to “verified” so the problem will not recur.


Peter Viscarola

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